NeoMed invests in emerging companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries. NeoMed focuses on companies with innovative and proprietary medical products addressing unmet market needs.

In each fund, NeoMed builds a balanced portfolio of highly selective investments in young and in more mature private companies. Investments may also be made in privately negotiated transactions involving emerging yet public companies.

NeoMed principally invest in minority positions. Consequently, most investments will be syndicated transactions with participation of other investors. In early stage companies, NeoMed may lead or co-lead investments and in more mature companies, NeoMed may lead individual financing rounds in co-operations with other investors.

Portfolio companies are expected to have a clear path to creating value and to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage that will enable an exit for NeoMed within a period of three to five years from the time of investment.

Reflecting the global nature of the healthcare industry, NeoMed implements a commercial international strategy with limited geographic constraints, focusing strongly on scientific and clinical excellence and competitive advantage. NeoMed invests predominantly in Europe and selectively in North America in companies that have, or intend to have, a European strategy.