NeoMed identifies appropriate investment opportunities directly through its broad and international network in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries. This network reaches across Europe and North America and within large corporate firms, scientific and clinical research communities, leading venture capital investors as well as industry specialised investment bankers.

NeoMed evaluates the scientific, clinical and commercial merit of investment proposals in an extensive due diligence process. NeoMed utilises its own significant science and industry experience, but also seeks advice from its own group of scientific advisors and other external experts.

Portfolio companies are expected to meet important investment criteria such as:

  • Innovative products that address unmet medical needs and/or reduce healthcare costs;
  • Control of strong intellectual property and freedom to operate;
  • Ability to execute a realistic, focused and sound business model;
  • Support in the academic and clinical community for the rationale for their clinical approach.

Ideally, NeoMed invests in companies with a management team in place that has track record of developing commercially successful products. However, NeoMed will often assist in completing the management team in parallel with the development of the companies’ product pipelines though the clinical and commercialisation stages.

NeoMed can participate as a lead investor or alongside other venture capital investors with a similar approach and vision toward investing in the healthcare industry.

NeoMed seeks to make initial investments of no less than €2 million in any company and will reserve additional capital for follow-on investments over an anticipated period of 3-5 years.