Founded in 2006, Genkyotex is a private France/Swiss-based company established as a spin-out from the University of Geneva set up by three world leading academics specializing in the study of the role played by the NOX enzymes, in many pathological processes involving reactive oxygen species (ROS).

The sole function of NOX enzymes is to produce Reactive Oxygen Species, or ROS. These chemicals play an important role in maintaining normal physiological function but in various diseases NOX enzymes become over-active and ROS production becomes excessive. This produces adverse changes in cell signaling and in some cases direct damage to tissues. Genkyotex’s NOX inhibitors are designed to block the production of excess ROS efficiently at source.

Genkyotex has a unique screening platform that allows the Company to identify drugs with specific activity against particular forms of the NOX enzyme (known as isoforms). There are seven isoforms of NOX in humans, each found in different settings within the body and involved in different diseases. The Company’s pipeline includes drugs targeting various isoforms of NOX for different diseases.

Genkyotex is the leading developer of NOX inhibitors. The Company is developing first-in-class, small molecule therapeutics that selectively inhibit NOX enzymes. Genkyotex has built a pipeline of NOX inhibitors for different diseases led by the NOX1&4 inhibitor GKT137831, which is in clinical development for diabetic nephropathy, one of the major complications of diabetes.

Status: Realised