Avitide, Inc.
United States

Avitide, Inc. is dedicated to the discovery and development of custom affinity purification solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. Its technology is designed to discover and develop affinity purification products that will improve the fundamental timeframes and economics of commercial bioprocessing.

Avitide enables an alternative to conventional purification resin scouting and process development by providing its customers with a novel affinity capture resin. Beyond merely simplifying unit operations, the selective capture of isoforms enables the prospect of improved product definition, quality and potency. The Avitide platform reduces process development timelines, product and program risks, and cost of goods by providing turnkey, cost-effective, and highly selective affinity purification solutions. Avitide also offers access to unparalleled bioprocess intellectual property advantages compared to conventional purification technologies as a novel approach to achieve high-resolution product definition in competitive biopharmaceutical markets such as biosimilars and bio-betters.

Status: Realised