• 15 August 2018
    SonendoŽ Announces GentleWaveŽ System Integration With TDOŽ Endodontic Software

    Sonendo®, Inc., the developer of breakthrough technology for the dental marketplace, today announced that their GentleWave® System is now designed to integrate with TDO® endodontic software. TDO®Software is the only Practice Management Software that integrates with the GentleWave® System. This integration will allow endodontists who use the TDO endodontic software, affectionately known as TDO’ers, to more efficiently record, and retrieve, important procedure information directly from the GentleWave System’s console; the result is an improvement in chairside treatment efficiency.

    About this strategic partnership, Chris Rabbitt, Chief Commercial Officer for Sonendo, said, “When customers talk, we listen, and many of our customers who use TDO software have requested that we pursue an integration partnership to allow our GentleWave Providers seamless chairside access to procedure records. We are excited about this strategic partnership as TDO offers endodontists the most comprehensive endodontic software available and their belief systems align with our value proposition to deliver clinical efficacy, procedure efficiency, and practice economy.”

    Luiz A. Motta, CEO of TDO Software said, “TDO provides endodontists with the most comprehensive tools and resources they need to build and maintain a successful practice, and we are committed to keeping pace with the needs of users. Many of our TDO’ers are incorporating the GentleWave System into their endodontic practice, and this integration with Sonendo is another example of our commitment to keep pace with the needs of the modern endodontic practice.”