• 5 October 2020
    Axonics® Announces Survey Results of Patients Treated with the Axonics r-SNM System That Were Previously Implanted with InterStim II

    Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXNX), a medical technology company that has developed and is commercializing novel implantable sacral neuromodulation (SNM) devices for the treatment of urinary and bowel dysfunction, today announced survey results of 137 patients previously implanted with the Medtronic InterStim II ™ that are now being treated with the Axonics r-SNM System.

    In the survey, Axonics asked patients about Axonics SNM therapy and to make comparisons to their prior experience with InterStim II. Key findings of the survey include:

    Patients prefer Axonics therapy over InterStim II

    92% of patients that have been treated with both systems would choose Axonics over InterStim if they were asked to decide about the therapy again

    83% of patients would recommend Axonics over InterStim to a friend. Only 5% of patients stated they would recommend InterStim over Axonics

    78% of patients said that the recommendation of their physician was key to their decision to switch

    Patients that prefer Axonics over InterStim cited the following as the most important features of the Axonics System:

    15+ year life; fewer repeat procedures
    MRI compatibility
    Easy to use remote control

    Patients feel they are doing better with Axonics compared to InterStim II

    71% of patients said they are having a better overall experience with the Axonics System compared to InterStim. Only 11% of patient said they preferred the non-rechargeable InterStim

    53% of patients are experiencing better symptom relief with Axonics than InterStim, while 38% stated they are experiencing about the same level of symptom relief

    Patients are finding it easy to recharge the Axonics System and use the patient remote control

    91% of patients are not bothered by recharging their Axonics System

    81% of patients stated that recharging the Axonics System is easy despite only having experience with a non-rechargeable implant previously

    82% of patients rated their Axonics patient remote control experience as “Excellent” or “Good.” Features of the Axonics remote control cited as most beneficial compared to InterStim include:
    Easier to make adjustments to stimulation level
    Easy to check status of stimulation
    Comfortable one-handed use
    Smaller size

    Raymond W. Cohen, Axonics CEO, said, "We specifically surveyed these particular patients because they have a direct basis of comparison and can provide unbiased feedback on both devices. The fact that 92% of patients that have been treated with both systems would choose Axonics over InterStim is compelling and underscores that patients want an implant that is long-lived, efficacious and easy to interface with. It is also clear that physicians have great influence over decisions patients make. This informs us that Axonics has to continue to make physicians aware that there are significant and distinct advantages of our r-SNM System over InterStim II which, as of today, is still being implanted despite employing voltagecontrolled technology that was originally engineered over 20 years ago.”

    Cohen continued, "Delivering a superior experience to patients has been the key focus of our product development initiatives since Axonics’ founding. We remain confident that our keen focus on innovation, enhancing the patient experience, and increasing awareness of SNM therapy will drive significant market expansion in the years ahead."