• 10 December 2018
    Axonics® Announces Publication of NICE Briefing

    Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXNX), a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel implantable Sacral Neuromodulation (“SNM”) devices for the treatment of urinary and bowel dysfunction, announced today the publication of a Medtech Innovation Briefing by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (“NICE”) following a careful review of the innovations offered by the Axonics System.

    The NICE Medtech Innovation Briefing entitled: “Axonics rechargeable sacral neuromodulation system for overactive bladder and faecal incontinence,” describes published clinical evidence on the Axonics r-SNM System®, confirming efficacy as well as the potential positive economic impact that is possible by the use of the Axonics system in the United Kingdom.

    The Axonics r-SNM System is the first rechargeable Sacral Neuromodulation system approved for sale in Europe and commercially available to all hospitals and clinics in the U.K. for patients suffering from urinary and fecal dysfunction. It is estimated that approximately 1,200 patients receive a Sacral Neuromodulation implant in the U.K. every year.

    Raymond W. Cohen, CEO of Axonics, commented, “NICE is a highly rigorous and respected institution, and we are proud that the Axonics system is recognized as an innovative technology deserving attention from the U.K. physician community. This publication is a testimony to the ingenuity of our engineering, regulatory and quality teams, as well as our focus on providing a solid foundation of clinical evidence.”

    The NICE Briefing can be found here: