• 15 March 2022
    Sonendo, Inc. Hits New Milestone of 800,000 GentleWaveŽ Procedures, Demonstrating Continued Adoption and Growing Preference for Less Invasive Alternative to Traditional Root Canal Therapy

    Sonendo, Inc. (NYSE: SONX), a dental technology company and creator of the GentleWave System for less invasive and less painful root canal therapy, today announced its achievement of a new milestone of 800,000 GentleWave patient procedures. The achievement of this newest milestone demonstrates the confidence doctors and their patients have in the GentleWave System as an alternative to traditional root canal therapy, and the growing utilization and preference among customers for the GentleWave procedure. The milestone follows on the heels of the Company’s achievement of its 700,000 procedures milestone in late 2021.

    The 800,000th GentleWave System patient was treated by Dr. Mark Germack, an endodontist at CORE Endodontics in Seattle, WA. Dr. Germack has used the GentleWave Procedure since 2019 and has treated more than 1,600 patients using the GentleWave Procedure to date. “I’m happy to be the provider who treated the 800,000th patient with the GentleWave System. Both the technology and the GentleWave team make endodontics and my days in the practice more predictable and make challenging cases much easier to manage,” said Dr. Germack. “After using the GentleWave System for over two years I can safely say I would not want to practice without it.”

    In addition to the latest GentleWave Procedure milestone, Sonendo introduced today its team of Area Practice Consultants (APCs), a new field role that works alongside the company’s capital sales representatives to support GentleWave System adoption and utilization. APCs will focus on three areas of practice support:

    • Clinical onboarding and training to build customers’ clinical confidence with the GentleWave System;
    • Seamless and efficient integration of the GentleWave System into new practices;
    • Leveraging Sonendo’s practice marketing programs and resources to help drive new patients and patient referrals to GentleWave providers for root canal therapy.

    “With approximately 17 million root canals performed in the U.S. and Canada each year, we have a huge opportunity to improve treatment efficacy, efficiency, and experience for doctors and patients every day,” said Bjarne Bergheim, Sonendo president and CEO. “We appreciate the confidence our doctor customers have shown in the GentleWave System as evidenced by our achievement of this latest milestone, and we continue to invest in supporting those customer partnerships with resources to help customers integrate and increase the benefits of GentleWave Procedures in their practices. With the addition of our Practice Consultants, we believe that we are setting new standards within the industry, for both leading innovation and for partnership with doctors.”