Since 1997, NeoMed Management has raised six investment funds with total commitments of approximately €300 million. 

NeoMed V, IV, III, II and NeoMed IV X are closed-end venture capital funds whilst NeoMed I (The NeoMed Fund) was an open-ended public equity fund. Each venture capital fund has been focused on investing in emerging companies with innovative medical products in Europe and North America.

NeoMed IV X (NeoMed IV Extension L.P.), established in 2015. Total committed capital: €42 million. With the exception of follow-on investments, NeoMed IV X is fully invested.

NeoMed V (NeoMed Innovation V L.P.), established in 2012. Total committed capital: €92 million. NeoMed V is fully invested. 

NeoMed IV (NeoMed Innovation IV L.P.), established in 2005. Total committed capital: €104 million. NeoMed IV was terminated in 2015.

NeoMed III (NeoMed Innovation III L.P.), established in 2001. Total committed capital: €32 million. NeoMed III was terminated in 2012.

NeoMed II (NeoMed Innovation AS with syndicates), established in 1998. Total committed capital: €14 million. NeoMed II was terminated in 2010.

NeoMed I (The NeoMed Fund), established in 1997. NeoMed I had paid-in capital of about €17 million. The fund was an evergreen fund listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. From 1997 to 2004 NeoMed I invested in about 55 private and public companies, predominantly in the US. NeoMed I was terminated in 2006.