About us

About us

NeoMed Management is a Jersey headquartered investment firm, exclusively focused on investments in the healthcare industry. Founded in 1997, NeoMed has established six funds to date.

NeoMed invests in emerging companies with outstanding growth prospects. These companies are developing innovative and proprietary medical products that address substantial market opportunities in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries.

NeoMed has a multi-stage investment approach and invests at all stages of development from start-up to later stage growth financings. Since inception, NeoMed has successfully invested in more than 40 companies in Europe, including Scandinavia, Switzerland, Germany and the UK, and in North America.

From offices in Jersey, Norway and Switzerland, NeoMed’s experienced investment team works closely with entrepreneurs and a broader industry network to support the growth of its portfolio companies.

NeoMed is currently focusing on NeoMed IV Extension L.P.